Making contact

Getting in touch with a counsellor can feel like a big step. We welcome questions and discussion and look forward to hearing from you.


    250 674 3635

Please do use the voicemail option and leave us contact details so that we can return your call.



We are based in Clearwater, BC, north of Kamloops, near Wells Gray Park.

For local residents we provide a face-to-face counselling service out of the Wells Gray Hotel called Clear Waters Counselling.

To those outside the Clearwater area, and to our colleagues, we offer counselling, consulting, and professional support primarily by telephone.

Clear Waters Counselling

  Be assured—we treat all communication as confidential.

All emails, telephone calls, and voicemails are received in confidence. If you telephone, please do leave a message with contact details.

Email is not secure or confidential unless encrypted. Don't put anything into an email that you wouldn't want to see in the local newspaper or social media page.

We offer secure, password protected communication for clients in our Counselling Cloud. If you are set up to use the Counselling Cloud, simply click the icon above to login.