Making contact

Getting in touch with a counsellor can be a big step. Questions and discussion are always welcome.


Email is the best way to make initial contact. I will respond promptly.


  Available on request

If you contact me by email, I will provide the most economical telephone number to use depending upon where I am and where you are. I will be happy to call you.

I do not offer an emergency service. In an emergency, call your local emergency or crisis line.
I am not associated with any government funded health services. For that, you need to contact your physician.

Subsequent appointments and communication

These are our options.


  Usually me to call you

For the most part, I work by telephone, and I pay for the call.

You will have a number for calling me. Although I do take calls between appointments when needed, I cannot promise to answer. There will be voicemail to use. I will return your call.

Meeting in person


It is good to meet in person sometimes when geographically possible.

Video contact

  VSee Clinic

I find telephone works better than video calling. A small screen image doesn't provide much useful information, and it can be so distracting when the technology isn't quite working. However, I do have an account with VSee Clinic if that is your preference.

Be assured—all communication is confidential.

All emails, telephone calls, and voicemails are received in confidence.

Email is not secure unless encrypted. Don't put anything into an email that you wouldn't want to see in the local newspaper or social media page.

Instead, I offer secure, password protected communication for clients. If you are already set up to use the Counselling Cloud communication platform, click the cloud icon above to login.


  Counselling Cloud

Unencrypted email and text messages are insecure. I really discourage sharing what should be confidential in either way. Instead, I offer clients use of a relatively secure text and file sharing platform.